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Business and management consultancy

Business and management consultancy


Being qualified economists, we are also able to give reliable advice on strategic issues arising in firms’ lives. We have developed our business management counselling service for those small and medium-sized enterprises which are able to set themselves objectives and also to implement them.


  • It may occur in the life of any company, that the so far unbroken development gets stuck at a certain point and the firm starts stagnating.
  • It is possible that the goal– for example reaching the role of market leader – has already been set, but the well-elaborated step-by-step plan necessary to carry it out is missing.
  • The company can be faced with a serious challenge if its most qualified and experienced employee retires.
  • If the volume of orders exceeds the firm’s current capacity, the question arises whether to take on additional staff or outsource the position.

These are just some of the dilemmas and questions on which SMEs ask for our help in the framework of business management counselling. Taking the appropriate decision always requires careful mapping, deliberation and planning, and the company can achieve much better results if assistance on these problems is given by an expert who is capable of watching the given firm’s operation from a few steps distance. 


In business management counselling, too, the first step should be identifying the goals to be achieved (eg. expansion abroad or diversifying the company’s profile) or establishing the problems to be solved. This can be followed by targeted exploration and investigation, assessment and coming up with a proposal. 



What we can help you about

  • draw up an expansion plan
  • differentiate processes and competence areas
  • think over and establish different management levels
  • elaborate a new and more efficient internal system
  • strengthen in-company loyalty, trust and discipline

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Vértes Coaching & Consulting csapata

Private life problems, workplace difficulties, financial worries, serious business goals, or just the opposite: lack of motivation – just a few of the issues our clients turn to us with. We believe that when you are just about to make an important decision or faced with serious difficulties, you must not hesitate to seek help. In our coaching or counseling service, we always aim to move our clients from their existing condition to a better one.

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    During our work, our clients honor us with their confidence and we will never misuse this trust. All the information shared during the coaching or counseling session is treated with maximum discretion and will never be disclosed to any third party. We consider the ethical principles of IAC to be our own.

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