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  • Tisztázzuk a célokat - Vértes Coaching & Consulting
    1 We identify
    the goals
  • Felfedjük az akadályokat - Vértes Coaching & Consulting
    2 We explore
    the barriers
  • Tervet
készítünk - Vértes Coaching & Consulting
    3 We make
    a plan
  • Motiváljuk és
Ön mellett állunk - Vértes Coaching & Consulting
    4 We motivate you
    and give you support
  • Értékeljük az
elért eredményeket - Vértes Coaching & Consulting
    5 We assess the
    results achieved

Vértes Coaching & Consulting csapata
  • 100% Secrecy

    During our work, our clients honor us with their confidence and we will never misuse this trust. All the information shared during the coaching or counseling session is treated with maximum discretion and will never be disclosed to any third party. We consider the ethical principles of IAC to be our own.

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    like to ask for our help?

    If you feel we can help you, do not hesitate to contact us by email or ask us for a free return call.

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