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Data handling and data protection bulletin


1. Data handler


Name: Vértes Coaching & Consulting Trading and Service Providing Limited Partnership
Short name: Vértes Coaching & Consulting Limited Partnership
Company registry number: 11-06-010873
Headquarters: 4. Patak köz 2890 Tata
Telephone: +36-30-3117-159
Address of webpage:
Representative: Erzsébet Páll-Ferenczi


2. Regulatioins of data handling


The regulations discussed in the current Data Handling Bulletin are valid from the date of publishing on the webpage until their withdrawal. The Data Handler (henceforth: the Company) handles personal data relevant to the current surface in compliance with its Data Protection and Data Security Policy. The validity of the Policy covers all the processes pursued in every organizational unit of the Company in which handling of personal data as determined in Infotv or in Decree 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the European Council (henceforth: GDPR) is carried out.

The legal terminology used in the curent regulations is identical with the interpretations determined in §3 of Infotv. The Company handles personal data only with a predetermined purpose, while practising law or fulfilling its obligations, and with its extent and time limited to the necessary minimum. The data handling fulfils its purpose in every stage of the process, and once the purpose of the data handling is void or it becomes unlawful for any reason, the data become deleted.


The Company only handles personal data with the prior consent of those concerned or on the basis of law or legal authorization.


Prior to the data provision, the Company will at all times inform the person(s) concerned about the purpose and the legal ground of data handling.


All employees of the Company involved in handling data or any organizations involved in handling data should keep the personal data handled as business secret. Every employee involved in data handling or with access to the provided personal data have to sign a confidentiality statement. If those concerned come to learn that the personal data handled by the Company are faulty, incomplete or out of date , they are supposed to rectify them or make efforts to get the Company to rectify them.


The company conveys data to the data handler only based on the service contract they had signed with them. The current senior official of the Company defines the organization of data protection and responsibilities and competencies related to data protection, and designates the person who will supervise data handling.
The employees of the Company are supposed to make sure that unauthorized persons should not have an insight into personal data, furthermore, that personal data should be placed and stored in such a way that they may not be accessed, recognized, altered or annulled by unauthorized people.


The Managing Director of the Company is responsible for supervising the Company’s data protection system.



3. The Company’s Policy on the Usage of Cookies


In order to maintain and develop the services of the website as well as to increase the users’s experience, the Company applies cookies. By using the Website, you accept the Company’s current policy with regard to cookies, and the data protection bulletin as well. Cookies are small files placed by the browser on the user’s machine that define texts and collect information. A cookie consists of a unique numeric sequence that mostly serves to distinguish the computers and other tools downloading the webpage.


The cookies created while visiting the website can belong to different categories:


Cookies vital for the basic operation: These are cookies without which the indispensable services of the website would not be able to function.

Cookies improving performance: These cookies collect information as to how visitors use the website; eg. which are the most frequently visited columns and the most freequently read articles. The website applies these cookies for statistical purposes to improve and maintain user experience.

Functional cookies: These cookies make it possible for the website to remember certain data that had been entered before, eg. your personal settings.

Targeting/adveretising cookies: These cookies enable us to get to you the offers that will most probably meet your interest. While providing the above services, the webpage may cooperate with third parties as well, but it is only allowed to release to them personal data after prior notification and consent of the user, or in the event of being called upon by an authority, eg. judicial institutions.


The webpage must not sell, rent out or distribute to third parties the information it collected in any form, except to the extent which is necessary for providing the service for which you had given your personal data in advance and voluntarily.


The website may contain statements referring to sites maintained and supervised by independent third parties. As the website does not have control over such third-party usage of the information, in any such case the regulations of the data protection policy of the third party are to be considered as conclusive. For them the website does not assume any responsibility, thus it is not legally accountable.


The website maintains the right to modify any part of the current rules at any time, at its own discretion. You are requested to visit this website regularly and find out about any possible changes. Provided you keep using this webpage following the release of any changes to the Data Protection Policy, this is seen as though you have accepted the changes as well as the current regulation. You can change the settings of the cookies concerning your computer in your browser. Under the links below you can find detailed information as to the deactivation of the cookies referring to the most frequently used browsers.



4. The rights of those involved


Anyone involved can request information concerning the handling of their data, can request the rectification, or, with the exception of data handling specifically ordered by law, the deletion of these data.
On receiving the arriving application or protest, the Company is obliged to provide a written reply in an easily intelligible format.


The briefing covers the types of information specified in article (1), §15 of Infotv, in as much as the briefing of the person involved must not be refused.
The main rule is that the briefing is free of charge, the Company charges a fee only in cases specified in article (5), §15 of Infotv.


The Company refuses an application only for reasons specified in article (1), §9 of Infotv, this must always be done in writing, accompanied by briefing, specified in article (2) §16 of Infotv.
Data that do not correspond to the facts will be rectified provided the necessary data and the public documents proving them are available, or, if the reasons specified in article (2) §17 of Infotv exist, the handled personal data will be deleted.


The leader of the Company can suspend the handling of the data for the period until the protest against the data handling is judged, but maximum for 5 days. The leader of the Company examines the justification of the protest and makes a decision about it, of which the Leader informs the petitioner in compliance with article (2) §21 of Infotv. In as much as the protest is justified, the Company follows the procedure specified in article (3) §21 of Infotv.


The Company pays compensation for the losses caused to other people by unlawful data handling or the violation of data security requirements, it will even compensate for the grievances in the event of personal rights violations caused by themselves or by the data processor employed by them. The data processor will be exempted from the responsibility for the damage caused and from the obligation to pay the grievance fee, if they can prove that the damage or the violation of the personal rights of the person(s) concerned were caused by some inescapable reason, which falls beyond the sphere of the data handling. Similarly it will not compensate for the damage if it resulted from the deliberate or aggravated negligence of the victim.


Those concerned can turn with complaints regarding the Company’s data handling process to NAIH:


Name: National Authority for Data Protection and the Freedom of Information
Address: 22/C Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor, Budapest 1024


5. Questions not specified in the current bulletin


On questions not specified in the current bulletin, the regulations of Infotv, the GDPR agreement and the data protection rules of the Company should be considered conclusive.


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