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Life counseling

Life counseling


  • Why am I not able to make ends meet? 
  • Why do I quit the slimming diet too early?
  • How could I live healthier? 
  • How can I find time for more sport or exercise?
  • Why is my home in a constant mess? 


There are several questions that might become problematic in organizing one’s everyday lives, like managing the life of the family, taking care of the household, making the family budget, or keeping pledges concerning daily habits or diets.


These may seem mundane questions which discourage people from consulting a specialist, however sometimes it takes an expert’s eye to discover the real problem underlying behind everyday difficulties. 


These are the types of issues concerning which our way of living counselling can  help identify and solve the problems. Clients turn to us with a wide variety of problems, but there are some typical and recurring problems we often come across:

’I live from month to month, I’m not able to put anything aside, money runs out of my hands...’


We are in possession of such financial and economics knowledge, which, though it might be considered basic, is lacking from many people, partly due to faulty education. With the help of this expertise, we quickly discover the deficiencies in the household budget and recommend a solution to sort them out. Here also belongs the exploration and assessment of the risks, so often completely neglected in daily household money management.



’I would like to live a healthier life, but I can’t build it in my daily routine’...


Changing one’s lifestyle is a very complex issue: Achieving long-term goals in this area requires good scheduling, careful financial management and persistence. You often say that to have a healthy body you need a healthy way of life, but making it part of your life is not so easy. In such cases our common  goal is to work out solutions – or in fact a coherent plan – which is easy to carry out and can operate in the long run. 


’I’m so disorganized, I can never keep pace with my duties’ ...


Even singles can struggle with this problem, and with people having a family it is quite common. The root of the problem is that system is missing from people’s lives, as they have neither the time nor the energy to sit down and think it over how they could live their everyday life smoothly and effectively. 


How is life coaching differ from way of living counselling?


In both services the aim is to find solutions to the existing problems as well as to move from the existing condition to a better one. The difference can rather be found in the methods applied on the way to the solution. In coaching, we primarily deal with  clients who turn to us with problems of a mental origin, while way of living counselling is rather concerned with everyday time management problems, the ’operation’ of the client’s own physical organism. 


Certainly, the dividing lines between existing problems are never so easy to find, the helping process may comprise both services, as questions regarding business coaching or business management counselling may also be involved.


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Private life problems, workplace difficulties, financial worries, serious business goals, or just the opposite: lack of motivation – just a few of the issues our clients turn to us with. We believe that when you are just about to make an important decision or faced with serious difficulties, you must not hesitate to seek help. In our coaching or counseling service, we always aim to move our clients from their existing condition to a better one.

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    During our work, our clients honor us with their confidence and we will never misuse this trust. All the information shared during the coaching or counseling session is treated with maximum discretion and will never be disclosed to any third party. We consider the ethical principles of IAC to be our own.

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