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What we help you about

What we help you about

Coaching can provide support in several areas of your life if you are faced with problems or challenges that cannot be – or only with a lot of difficulty – overcome on your own. Here belong, among others, the following:


  • problems in private life (eg.partner relationship, child-rearing)
  • critical situations of life
  • making important personal decisions
  • setting and achieving goals leading to personal development
  • problems related to everyday household management and way of life
  • problems and conflicts in the workplace
  • implementing business objectives


If problems have arisen in private life, we can be of help within the framework of our life coaching service.


If the questions concern everyday hardships, we can find the answers within the way of living management counselling, in partnership with our clients.


Business coaching typically focuses on setting and achieving objectives regarding workplace problems, careers, promotions, and also solving them.


Business management counselling is aimed at making our client’s firm more efficient and more successful.


It is important, however, that personal and work- or career-related problems cannot always be separated by a clear boundary, so it may happen that several of our services can be involved in the helping process simultaneously.


However, what coaching and counselling have in common is the ultimate goal, notably always finding the solution that is most suitable for the client, keeping it in view that only goals that the client, too, identifies with can be successfully achieved.

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  • 100% Secrecy

    During our work, our clients honor us with their confidence and we will never misuse this trust. All the information shared during the coaching or counseling session is treated with maximum discretion and will never be disclosed to any third party. We consider the ethical principles of IAC to be our own.

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