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Life coaching

Life coaching


Everyone of us may come to a point in life when we feel...


 ... that we are not in the right place.


Sometimes we do not just feel it, we are convinced of it as well. That might be a workplace – or a whole professional career – , a relationship, or the place where we live. We feel the urge to move on, move in a better direction, but are full of fears and doubts.


...when we feel we should use our capacities more effectively.


When there are a lot of ideas, plans and desires whirling in your mind, but you have no clue how to set out to implement them. It is all the same whether it is concerned with work, some kind of hobby or private life, a desire for development can be born in any area of life.


...when you have a problem we are not able to handle on our own.


Overbearing relationships, child-raising difficulties, self-assessment problems, workplace problems, and line-ups could go on for a long time. We struggle with them often for many years while we keep asking ourselves day by day: Am I the cause of the problem? Am I doing something wrong?


What is common in these life situations?


It may sound a banal stereotype, but it is true: The first step is the most difficult to take. Not having a clue how we should get started with it can be the same type of barrier as when you are faced with a specific, well-defined problem.


The role of life coaching is helping to handle such barriers.


In cooperation with the client the coach is in charge of exploring the problem to be solved, the task to be accomplished and the goal to be achieved.
By revealing positive examples, they are to give a method in the client’s hands that they will be able to utilize in the future as well and that makes them able to solve these future problems without the expert’s help. During the process that consists of 5-8 (or more, if necessary) sessions they are supposed to help the clients in getting to know themselves and their own limitations better and in achieving their long-term goals.


Who is life coaching for?


A coach can be considered as a kind of trainer of champions. Using their services may be beneficial for those who are convinced that they have the willpower to overcome and solve the problem looming over them. For people who know they want to achieve something and they are ready to work to achieve it. For those who are determined and motivated and who follow the steps that they agreed upon with the coach. It is very important to keep in mind that coaching is a special type of cooperation in which the client is also supposed to work, but where we always set achievable goals as success is absolutely essential. Only a goal can be successfully achieved with which the clients can identify themselves.


How does life counseling and life coaching differ?


In both services the aim is to find solutions for the existing problems as well as to move from the existing condition to a better one. The difference can rather be found in the methods applied on the way to the solution. In coaching, we primarily deal with clients who have problems of a mental origin, while in life counseling, we focus more on everyday scheduling, management, and the "operating" of our own physical organization.


Certainly, there are often no sharp boundaries between existing problems. The helping process may comprise both services, thus questions regarding business coaching or bussines consulting may also be involved. 


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Private life problems, workplace difficulties, financial worries, serious business goals, or just the opposite: lack of motivation – just a few of the issues our clients turn to us with. We believe that when you are just about to make an important decision or faced with serious difficulties, you must not hesitate to seek help. In our coaching or counseling service, we always aim to move our clients from their existing condition to a better one.

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    During our work, our clients honor us with their confidence and we will never misuse this trust. All the information shared during the coaching or counseling session is treated with maximum discretion and will never be disclosed to any third party. We consider the ethical principles of IAC to be our own.

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